8th Grade End of the Year Promotion Activities Eligibility Guidelines and Requirements

The following guidelines and requirements are designed to promote student safety and to meet all Tustin Unified School District policies and regulations. All students attending any of Pioneer Middle School’s 8th grade end-of-the-year activities must agree to meet the following expectations...

  • Eligibility

    Promotion activities are meant to be a celebration and participation is a privilege that is earned based on demonstrated achievement of school-wide and classroom expectations. Students on social or academic probation will not be allowed to participate in promotion activities, except for the promotion ceremony. Eighth grade students owing money for lost textbooks, uniforms, etc., must clear all charges in order to participate in promotion activities.

  • All TUSD Discipline Policies apply to all 8th grade End-of-the Year activities.

  • Students must adhere to all school dress code guidelines during the Disneyland trip.

  • All Disneyland Park rules must be followed and students in violation of any park rules will be referred to Park Security and must be picked up by a parent.

  • Promotion Ceremony and Promotion Dance/Party Dress Code

  • Students should wear nice dress up clothes. The promotion ceremony and party/dance are NOT formal affairs. Contracting for limousine services is inappropriate for this age. Dress options are outlined below:

    • NO strapless or backless dresses or deep necklines, and halter dresses.

    • NO high heels. Moderate height heels (2 inches and lower) or flats are recommended for safety as well as comfort.

    • NO formal gowns. Street or tea length dresses with shoulder straps or sleeves are appropriate, as are dressy skirts and blouses. Dress length no shorter than mid-thigh.

    • NO tuxedos, jeans, shorts, t-shirts or sweatshirts.

    • Appropriate shoes must be worn.

    • Dress slacks and a collared long or short sleeve shirt with or without a sports coat or sweater are appropriate.

    • Tie is optional.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times during the dance and lockers will not be available.

  • Failure to adhere to dress/dance regulations may be cause for exclusion from the event.

  • Students are expected to dance appropriately or risk removal from the event.