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The Pioneer PTO provides ways for parents and teachers to work together for the common goal of giving our students a well-rounded learning environment. Pioneer Middle School is proud to be a community that is dedicated to the excellence and enrichment of our students' education. Thanks to outstanding staff, teachers, administrators, and families, Pioneer continues to be one of the top award-winning schools in Orange County. Please join us! We are stronger together and can do so much for our students. 



The public funding which our school receives from the state of California and TUSD does not provide enough to cover many of Pioneer's flagship academic programs and electives. The operating budget for a typical year is around $90,000, our PTO works hard to bridge this gap.



Here are some examples of resources and programs that our PTO funds


Your donations are 100% tax-deductible and 1000% appreciated


If each student donates $180 to PTO, all of our programs will be funded.

(only $1-a-day per student)


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