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pioneer pto, we are here for you!

Welcome to Pioneer Middle School and the 2019-2020 school year! At Pioneer Middle School, we are proud to be a community that is dedicated to excellence in education and committed to our community and to the future of our children. Outstanding staff, teachers, administrators and parents make Pioneer one of the top award-winning schools in Orange County.

The Pioneer Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) would like to invite you to join the PTO and participate in our Membership Drive. The PTO is a way for parents and teachers to work together towards the common goal of providing a well-rounded academic and enriching learning environment for our students.



The public funding that our school receives from the state of California and TUSD does not provide enough funds for many of Pioneer's flagship academic programs and enriching electives. With a yearly operating budget close to $120,000 to provide these programs and school support, our school gratefully turns to Pioneer PTO to help bridge the gap. The following are some of the resources and programs that the Pioneer PTO will support this year:

Art Department | ASB | AVID | Band & Orchestra | Choir | Spanish | Graphic Design | Home Economics | Fashion Design | Culinary Arts | Math Department | PAL | PE | Robotics | Science Department | STEM | Science Olympiad | Video Production | Web Coding | Yearbook | Academic Subscriptions | Assemblies | Counselor Conference Program | Educator Classroom Support | Specialty Staff Training | 8th Grade Promotion Activities


We are asking for a 100% tax-deductible donation OF $175 PER STUDENT, OR ONLY 80 CENTS PER DAY!


This equates to only $175 per student to fund ALL of our programs! A permanent tile on Pioneer’s “Wall of Fame” will acknowledge donations of $175 or more received by September 13, 2019.


On the left side of this page are links related to this year's PTO Membership Drive, including the PTO Membership Form. Please click through and read through all the pages, fill out the Membership Form and return it with your donation at registration on August 1st, August 2nd, August 5th and August 12th, or by Friday, September 13th, 2019 to the front office.  


Your voluntary donation, no matter how big or small, will enrich the lives of our students each and every day.   


This is where you want to be… among friends —

we are here for you… at pioneer Middle School!